who we are

STUDYANZ consultancy is a Melbourne based Australian education and student recruitment agency. We help students from around the world for successful admission at different educational institutions, colleges and Universitiesin Australian and New Zealand that suit to their future career, academic and vocational need.

STUDYANZ is one of the fastest growing education and student recruitment service providers in Australia. We endeavour to set unmatched quality and ethical service standards that many of today’s agents lack.

STUDYANZ can help you to find the right course with the right education provider and can ensure that you gain admission quickly and without hassle. Our expertise, knowledge and industry contacts will ensure that you realise your goals, whether you choose to continue your education in school, vocational colleges or in higher educational institutes.

We can assist you with your application and enrollments to all types of courses; be it English language, foundation and entry level courses, bachelors or masters degrees.